Hiring a bin to get rid of green waste

If you are planning a big clean up of your garden it can be a great idea to opt for a bin hire. Here are three ways that using a skip bin makes the job easier. 

Less travelling

Having a large capacity skip bin means that you can fill up the bin and don't need to take trips back and forth to dispose of the green waste you've generated with trips to the dump or other waste disposal site. This means that the job won't take as long and it should take up less work - which can also be a big advantage if you have a limited time frame such as preparing the yard for a coming rent inspection or open house. 

Less work

Many people contemplate mulching or chipping their green waste, but this can take a lot more work and often generates extra waste and dust. A skip bin can be the easiest and least work-intensive option as you simply place all of the waste into the bin and wait for someone else to pick it up. This also means you don't need to spend extra time hacking the waste into smaller sections so it can fit into your green bin which can be much less work. This can also help with your motivation to get into the garden and tackle the task.  


Many people have limited time for tackling jobs such as a big green waste disposal. Unfortunately, even with councils that do have mandated green waste collection, these dates are often not at all flexible and may not align with when you have the time and capacity to tackle your garden cleanup (or indeed, the reasons that you need to get the garden tidy). With a skip bin, you can fill the bin on the weekend, and the company will automatically come and pick it up at a suitable time. 


Hiring a skip bin is a relatively affordable option compared to other options, such as using cars or borrowing trailers to dispose of waste. These still involve the costs of petrol in ferrying items back and forth, as well as tip fees. The skip fee is a single payment which is easy to compare between companies. 

If you are looking at tackling a big green waste cleanup, hiring a skip bin is the best way to make sure that the job is completed as quickly and conveniently as possible.