How to Avoid a Skip Bin Fire

So the time has come to get rid of all your old junk. You've found a company that can provide good quality, cheap bin hire, and the bin's arrival is imminent. You might not think there's too much to it. You simply load your junk into the bin and then it's collected. There might be a few obvious safety concerns, such as taking care when you might be carrying something heavy to the bin or not allowing children to play around (or in) the bin.

But what about the possibility of a fire? Skip bin fires are not all that common, and yet with that amount of combustible waste all in the same place, you need to be aware of the possibility of a fire. So what can you do to ensure that this possibility doesn't become a reality?

Flammable Materials

Will you be disposing of any flammable materials? It might not be possible to do this in your skip bin, however convenient it might be. This can include cleaning chemicals, pressurised containers (old aerosol cans) or even old batteries. Naturally, placing flammable materials into the skip bin can increase the possibility of a fire. Regardless of this, your skip bin company might not even accept these items. If you're unsure, check with the hire company regarding the safe disposal of any flammable items.

Smouldering Materials

If you are disposing of any materials that might in fact have been burning, you need to ensure that these materials are cool. This can include waste from your fireplace, the contents of your backyard BBQ or the contents of any ashtrays. If there is any chance that these materials might be have been recently smouldering, please take appropriate action. This can involve placing the materials into a plastic bag and then adding water before throwing it into the skip bin. Even the smallest ember can ignite the contents of the skip bin.

Bin Placement

What about the placement of the skip bin? In the unlikely event of a fire, the placement of the skip bin can make all the difference when it comes to limiting property damage. If space permits, make sure that the skip bin is positioned well away from your home. It should also not be positioned directly next to a wooden fence if at all possible. If a fire should break out, you need to make certain that it will be contained and cannot spread to your property.

While a skip bin fire is out of the ordinary, you need to do everything you can to prevent it from happening.