Free Services Offered by Garbage Removal Companies During the Festive Season

Days leading to Christmas and New Year's Day are usually laden with a lot of activities in homes. From hosting family and friends to buying presents for celebration purposes, the events add to the amount of garbage you have to deal with during the holidays. However, you can use the holiday season to your advantage and make garbage management a less daunting and more rewarding activity. This article highlights cost-effective garbage removal services for the holiday season.

Free Tree Removal 

During the festive season, homeowners strive to make their houses as impeccable as possible. It involves mowing the lawn, pruning fences and even removing unwanted trees.  Therefore, you need to keep your expenses regarding the above activities as low as possible if you are working on a tight budget. One way to lower garbage-related costs is by finding out whether a removal company offers any freebie services during the holiday season. You will be surprised to learn that most garbage removal firms offer free annual bulky item removal services — for example, the holiday tree removal package. You can save good money by taking advantage of the free tree removal offer.

Free E-Waste Pick Up 

During the festive season, rubbish removal companies might extend free services for the collection of electronic waste at no charge. It is essential to understand that while many firms will offer some free e-waste pickups during the year, most clients don't use the service. It can be attributed to the fact that not many people have bulky e-waste to dispose of. However, you can use the service if you have accumulated all the e-waste for the year. At the end of the year and during the festive season, the garbage removal company picks up the e-waste at no cost.

Free Extra Bins 

As mentioned earlier, the festive season sees a lot of activities most of which generate lots of waste. From wrapping papers to food leftovers, the amount of trash can be unprecedented especially if you have invited friends, family and work colleagues. One garbage bin will not be enough to handle all the waste, and garbage removal companies understand the logic. It is for this reason that during the festive season, your service provider might offer an extra bin at no cost, provided that you make your request in time. The other container will help you to handle all the additional waste from the festivities.