How to Keep Rats Out of Your Skip

Skips aren't just an ideal way for you to clear our your home and yard; they're also an ideal home for rats and mice. Keep rodents out of your hired skip with these three tips.

Hire a Skip With a Lid

One of the best and easiest ways to keep rats out of your skip is to choose a skip bin that has a lid. A good skip lid should be made from solid plastic with a steel frame. While full steel lids may sound optimal, they can be heavy and difficult to close, so plastic is usually the best bet for home use. Make sure you get a skip with a lid that locks into place for extra security, and make sure to confirm with your skip company that there are no gaps once the lid is closed and locked. Rats can squeeze through very small spaces, so it's crucial that the lid forms a full seal all the way around. Of course, if you can't find a skip with a lid, there are other ways to reduce your risk.

Keep the Bin Away From Surfaces

When your skip company asks you where you want your bin placed, your first thought may be to have it pressed against a wall or fence. After all, this is the most 'out of the way' place to keep something big like a skip. However, it's also the worst site if you want to prevent rat activity. Skip bins have flat metal walls that slope outwards, making them impossible for rats and mice to climb. As such, the way rodents usually get into skips is by climbing walls and fences, then jumping into the bin. Trees and tall shrubs also make good rodent ladders. All in all, it's best to keep your bin somewhere with clear space around each side and no easy rat access points.

Keep Food and Water Out

Usually, rats are attracted to skips for food or shelter. Full skips make naturally attractive shelters because they're dark and full of small gaps to nest in. Unfortunately, there's little you can do about that. You can, however, make your skip far less attractive by keeping out any food and water. If you're clearing out your house before moving, for example, don't toss your perishables into your skip—most skip companies ban food, anyway. It's far better to put food in your regular trash bin. As for water, use a waterproof tarp to cover your skip when it's not in use. This will stop rain from getting inside and creating a water source for thirsty rats.