6 Things You Might Need If You Plan to Hire a Skip Bin

Skip bin hire is a convenient service that allows you to dispose of your rubbish without leaving your property. But before you hire a skip bin, ensure that you understand the requirements of skip bin hire. Hiring a skip bin often requires you to meet at least some of the following requirements.

1. Overhead clearance

To place a skip bin on or near your property, the skip bin truck will need some overhead space. Trees, power lines and awnings may prevent a skip bin truck from placing a skip bin on your property. Ask your skip bin provider how much overhead space they require. In some cases, such as with tree branches, you can remove the overhead obstacle to make room for a skip bin.

2. Road space

Skip bin trucks need space to manoeuvre into when they place your skip bin. If the road near your property is narrow or full of parked cars, the skip bin truck may have difficulty placing a skip bin where you want it. Inform your skip bin provider if your road is narrow. And try to arrange for your neighbours to move their cars temporarily while the skip bin is placed.

3. Placement space

If you have chosen to place your skip bin on your property, ensure that you have enough space for its placement. You can either make sure that your driveway is free and accessible while you have the skip bin, or you can place your skip bin on your lawn.

4. Lawn or driveway protection

During skip bin placement and removal, skip bins can sometimes leave scuff marks on concrete and tarmac driveways. Skips may also damage your lawn if you choose to place a skip bin there. So, before you hire a skip bin, protect your lawn or driveway by placing some form of protection on them. For instance, you use planks of wood to protect your lawn or driveway from damage.

5. Council skip bin permit

If you choose to place a skip bin on council land, such as on the nature strip, you'll need a skip bin permit. Make sure you or your skip bin provider contact your local council for a skip bin permit before you place a skip bin on council land.

6. Helping hands

Do you have sufficient help to complete your rubbish disposal job by your given skip bin pick-up date? Make sure you have enough help. Otherwise, you may not have time to get rid of all your rubbish.

If you plan to hire a skip bin, make sure you have everything you need in place before the skip bin arrives.